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10 Ways to Feel Festive during the Holidays in NYC!

  The Holiday Season is here! It is my favorite time of the year and there is no better way to kick off the holidays than by visiting New York City!  If you haven’t visited NYC during December I highly recommend adding this trip to your list. The city is magical during this time of year and turns into a […]

When Pigs Swim! (In Exuma, Bahamas!)

Most people book a trip to the Bahamas because they want to bask in the sun, walk on the white sand and swim in the sapphire-blue water. You can definitely do all of these things in Exuma, but you can also be a part of something much more exciting… You can visit the swimming pigs!!!! Swimming with […]

Vacation in Visby!

Visby, on the island of Gotland in Sweden, is one of my new favorite vacation spots after stumbling upon the town last summer. We found Visby because every July we go to one big European beach party, and last year we saw Kallis, in Visby, was ranked the #1 beach party in Europe. After doing some research we decided […]

Gozzi’s Turkey Farm

Last Thanksgiving, my best friend, Abbi, said 8 magical words to me, “Do you want to go visit pink turkeys?” “Pink Turkeys?!” I said. I won’t lie, I thought for a moment she was completely messing with me because she knows the color pink is my weakness. It was that day I learned of a magical […]