Where do you want to travel?


My husband and I truly believe traveling is the most important gift you can give yourself so we try to explore as much of the world as possible. Through our explorations we've found you can find love everywhere and that the more cultures you experience the more you realize deep down people are similar. Over the last few years many of our friends have asked us for travel tips, and we thought, "Why not put all of this information in one place?"

We think traveling should be a Daring, Immersive, Vast,  Adventure, and that it's ok to be a little bit of a diva when you're planning an adventure. Traveling isn't cheap and you deserve to go on a trip you will love. Through that thinking, the Diva Diary was born.

The Diva Diary is a place where we will share travel tips, experiences, and some of our favorite spots in the cities we visit. We hope our travel diary not only provides you with helpful travel advice, but also inspires you to explore new cities, meet new people, experience new cultures, and most importantly broaden your perspective of the world. We hope you enjoy our site and our adventures as much as we love going on them. And, who knows, maybe, just maybe, we'll run into you somewhere in this big, beautiful world! 



Lindsay A Liles.

TV Producer, Blogger, Tastemaker, Texan, Wife

Christopher Celona

Social Media Executive, Car Guy, Game of Thrones Enthusiast, New Yorker, Husband


Remington Steele

Part Dog, Part Falcor, Angeleno, Domestic Traveler, Fur Baby


Lindsay & Christopher