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A Bachelorette Party in Cabo!

Planning a Bachelorette party can be hard! You want the best for the bride, but also want to make sure the entire group of women attending the party have fun, which lets face it, can be difficult when you mix a lot of different personalities. With the rise of international destinations being chosen for Bachelorette parties, there […]

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery by Lantern!

Here’s a Halloween Idea for my East Coast friends, or those visiting, why not check out Sleep Hollow, NY? Sleepy Hollow’s claim to fame may be the headless horseman but it’s so much more than that! Aside from being a cute town, Sleepy Hollow is full of history. One of the town’s most notable sites is […]

Gozzi’s Turkey Farm in Connecticut!

Last Thanksgiving, my best friend, Abbi, said 8 magical words to me, “Do you want to go visit pink turkeys?” “Pink Turkeys?!” I said. I won’t lie, I thought for a moment she was completely messing with me because she knows the color pink is my weakness. It was that day I learned of a magical […]

“A Christmas Story” House in Cleveland!

Anyone else love the film, “A Christmas Story” as much as I do? “A Christmas Story,” taught me so many things as a child, including, 1. Never to touch a BB Gun 2. Never to lick a frozen poll 3. What soap tastes like. Yeah, I may have licked a bar of soap out of […]

10 Ways to Feel Festive during the Holidays in NYC!

The Holiday Season is here! It is my favorite time of the year and there is no better way to kick off the holidays than by visiting New York City!  If you haven’t visited NYC during December I highly recommend adding this trip to your list. The city is magical during this time of year and turns into a true […]

My Top 16 Travel Memories of 2016!

It’s the end of the year and a time for self-reflection, so, of course I’m thinking about my travel adventures and how they’ve changed me. Travel has taught me so much and given me many priceless memories. On today’s post I’ll share my Top 16 Travel Memories, and what I have learned from them. 1. Spending […]

Go Texan in Fort Worth!

  If you aren’t from Texas like I am, you may not know this but this Friday, March 3rd, is Go Texan Day! Go Texan day is sponsored by the Texas Department of Agriculture and it’s purpose is to encourage people to buy products made in the state. It is also the kick off for the Houston […]

The 12 Days of Travelmas!

It’s December, which means the mad dash of Holiday shopping has begun! This year, why not consider giving your loved ones a gift that may inspire them to travel. Need some ideas? Here are 12 of my favorite travel inspired gifts this holiday season.  My Diva Inspired Christmas Travel Tree!    On the 1st Day of […]

Visit the locations in La La Land!

The Academy Awards are this weekend, so why not celebrate one of Hollywood’s most talked about films, La La Land? La La Land has won 7 Golden Globes, 1 SAG Award, 8 Critics Choice Awards, and the Producers Guild Award for Best Picture. It is also nominated for 14 Academy Awards this weekend. We personally LOVE this film, and if you haven’t […]

The Flower Fields

I am SO excited to write this post because the Flower Fields are an attraction in Carlsbad, CA that I just discovered this year.  I’m sure you’ve heard of the famous Tulip Festival in Denmark, or the Lavender Fields in France, but did you know every year mother nature welcomes Spring to San Diego county […]